Laker's something

Few words, if you don't mind.

Greetings visitors. Welcome to my embryo page. I've made it just so I can show you my first "game". I know it's shitty, and ugly and stuff, but I don't care.

I wanted to be a programmer so I could make games. RPGs specifically. The best RPGs in the world, that's my naive goal. And I thought that learning how to code through the act of trying to make a game was the funniest possible way.

So I started, and I was making one game. But later in January I remembered that some time ago I said to my friend that the first game I would make will be for her. And because I'm getting old, I'm trying to hold to the concept of "man should keep his word". So I left the previous game alone and I started to think about what kind of game I will make for her.

She loves her some rats, so they had to be there. You can't kill them, because she loves them, duh. And it has to be a really simple game because I don't know anything. I was thinking about some kind of a simple platformer, or a game where you are a rat and you have to sneak around that friend of mine to get some snacks (but I don't know how I would make that). I was sad and growing nervous because of lack of ideas.

Then my good friend Ferko came to my rescue and proposed a very simple game idea. "Make a game where you have to catch falling food". So I said OK, it can't be any simpler than that, I guess. I remember the old game where a wolf from one beloved cartoon has to catch eggs in the basket.

So I knew that a rat will be running around catching food. I wanted it to be funny, and in my drawings I always try to implement something specific to that person, so it's more intimate for him/her/them. So this couldn't be any exception. So I put there some specific food types. I showed it to her yesterday (Jan. 24, 2014), when it wasn't finished yet and she loved it. That's what counts the most.

I would like to say a few more things if you don't mind. I know you don't because you are not reading this.

So the first thing is, that I'm really happy that I figured out all of the game mechanics by myself. It was painful because I'm stupid, but I managed to power through and fight all those storms in my mind (which I get every time I'm stuck and sad). Of course I had help from my amazing friends Ferko and Matej, who helped me find a shit load of stupid bugs and gave me great advice. But I managed to do most of the important stuff just by myself, which is something that doesn't happen to me all that often.

The second thing is something weird and bad. I really like drawing and I wanted to draw all art assets for this game. But I wanted to make this game my first contribution to „1 game a month jam“, so I had deadlines. I created this huge pressure on myself and I‘ve worked on that game for a few days in a row, all day long. It's only a few hundred lines of code, but for me it meant hours and hours of thinking about how to make something, and then hours and hours of trying to fix it.

And it was great fun for me, because I was going somewhere. But when I did most of the stuff and switched to drawing, I just couldn't. It was boring and annoying and it just wasn't working for me. So I used internet, and photos from my friend and just cut it out. So now it looks like shit, but she still likes it and I will try to forgive myself and learn from it. Next time I will start with the drawing.

The third thing has nothing to do with this. But the company behind Candy crush saga and other clones of games by smaller developers is trademarking common words "candy" and "saga". I think we have enough retards like this (apple), and I'm not alone. So there is candy jam which fights this fascist behaviour and my second game will be for this jam. It will be even simpler than this one, and it will contain some strong language.